Craft Felt

Our craft felt consists of 80% wool and 20% viscose.

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Industrial Felt

We supply four different types of industrial felt ranging in numerous thicknesses.

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Industrial Felt

Welcome to Felt Supplies of New Zealand

Felt Supplies NZ Ltd is an Auckland based company specialising in the sale of Felt Sheet Material (predominantly made from wool). We supply engineering and industrial felt (in natural, grey and black), craft felt (in a range of colours) and a range of self adhesive felt.

Wool felt is an environmentally friendly product and is bio-degradable.

Pressed felt is manufactured using moisture, heat and kneading. Under these conditions wool fibres follow their natural tendency to mat together - or felt - into an unwoven fabric. No weaving, knitting, stitching or adhesives are needed to produce pressed wool felt.

Felt is strong enough to be used in heavy machinery or sensitive enough to work in the finest piano. Sheet felt can be thick and thin, light or heavy, dense or porous, soft or rock hard, white or coloured. Because of wool's innate nature felt is naturally heat retardant.

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